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god i fucking love (/s) websites that try to "help" you with something tech related. its like, "best antiviruses" and they go through a bunch of well known antiviruses and the end is like "number 1: [some brand name]" and you check the mf url bar and its the name of the damn website. im out here trying to repair my iphone (unfortunately i use iphone. i dont really have a choice tho.) and i look up the problem im having with itunes right? and this site is like "number 1 solution: download [some brand name]'s iphone repair tool. it is THE BEST THIRD PARTY TOOL to repair iphones" and im like bruh. so i check the url bar and it's the brand. like jeez man. this is just.. cmon. thats it, that's the post.

BitView channel


i have a bitview channel and i just thought i'd make a post for it. if you don't know what bitview is, it's a recreation of 2007 youtube. same exact layout, works pretty much the same! i'm hoping it'll become more populated someday. maybe check out my channel..?

i dont have a specific theme to what i'll be posting. so far everything's music related. i made this song a few months ago and though i'd post it to bitview for more attention. i'd love if you took a listen and gave me some feedback ^_^



answer me this: why do people hate rats?
rats are, anatomically and genetically, very similar to humans. thats why they test on them in labs. its funny though because we evolved from Le Monke and monkeys arent really the best to test on for anything other than medical practice. which isnt really research.
i think people just hate rats because theyre similar to humans.
they're smart, but theyre also greedy and selfish. mean to anyone who's different. rats are as much of a pest as humans, and humans are just giant talking rats. rats build intricate homes, similar to the homes the very first humans made. they have rooms for food, rooms for sleeping, rooms for their waste. the bigger rats have duties, the smaller rats follow the duties. and if they dont, they're killed. sounds awfully similar to early humans, doesnt it? i dont know why humans hate rats. rats are just simple humans. humans without government. they have hierarchies, but not technology and language. the only thing stopping rats from evolving into humanoid creatures, is technology. once a rat makes its own form of a car, its all over for us...
...and theyre getting pretty close too. in labs, rats are being taught how to answer questions and problems, some as difficult as math related questions.

if you dont want a complicated answer:
ive asked people why they hate rats and their answer is "theyre rodents."
so when i ask them what makes them different from other "cute" rodents like hamsters and guinea pigs, the answer is 90% of the time "theyre dirty"
which is, funny. because rats are one of the cleanest animals on the planet.
if their answer isnt "because they're dirty" its probably because of their tails.
if you're one of these people, let me ask you. why? what's so creepy about their tails? is it becauase they're hairless? kind of ironic coming from a human.

and y'know what's also kind of funny? how hamsters are considered a perfect first pet for a little kid, yet rats and mice are always peoples last choices. its widly known how hamsters are mean little bastards, but what isnt known is how sweet and social rats and mice are. i have owned a total of 10 mice and rats, and out of all of them, i only have one who's mean. one of my mice was a rescue so she's terrified of being touched. but the rest? love being picked up. everytime i go to their cage they come to the entrace waiting to be taken out. i've had 2 hamsters in the past and they both hated people. they hated being picked up, if they didnt bite you they just tolerated it. if you're looking for a small animal to keep as a pet, i highly recommend a mouse or a rat. maybe a mouse though since rats require more room, but mice can be kept in terrariums. theyre very easy to care for, sweet, social, and extremely cute! i don't understand how ANYONE could hate these precious little babies.

that's about it for this entry. i'm not the best with conclusions, so cya.



Hey there, welcome to my first web blog, (or weblog if you want to shorten it.)
I'll be posting whatever I want here that i'd like to share with all of you. Not too personal though, not like a journal. I made that mistake before.
Here you'll find things such as projects i've been working on, research and experiments, things i've written, and anything I don't know where to post anywhere else.
Thanks for visiting!